CFNM Fantasy

Hello Freaks!

Matt rang up this phone sex princesswith a fun little fetish that had me grinning, he was into cfnm fantasies. Awesome is all I had to say. Ya I will full admit there are not many of you out there that call me. Maybe I am just too intimidating and you blow your load at the thought of being stripped naked before me. I dont know and well your excuses really dont interest me.

Matt and I had some fun exploring a clothed female naked male phone sex fantasy. This one was really great too. It was one where I owned a men’s clothing shop and Matt had come into try on some clothes for some hot date. So I sent him into the change room as I “looked” for some clothes for his date.

While he was in the change room striping down, I would keep asking for his clothes. Very innocently. Telling him I needed to check the clothes he walked in with sizes against what I was finding for him. The excuse didnt matter it was all about getting his clothes. EVERYTHING! I would then walk away leaving him in that change room with nothing. He was calling and calling but course I didnt care.

I heard him muffled curses as he struggled to find something to wrap around his naked body to be able to come out and get my attention. Oh baby there is nothing in there.

Yup he eventually would come out peering around the corner looking for me. I had my back to him and was busy on the phone. Well till he tried to reach for some item off a nearest rack that is when I turned around and stared to laugh at him and all his nakedness.

Don’t think that is where the CFNM fantasy ended? It was only the beginning of the phone sex humiliation.

Guess the only question is do you like to be forced into being naked or taken a bit more sensually into a humiliated naked state?


Reach me at 1-888-433-9492
Aim/Yim mayamesmerizes

Calls sold in blocks of time:
$25 for 10mins, $45 for 20, $60 for 30, and $100 for 60mins

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