Difficulty with Erotic Hypnosis

So I was chatting with sweep in messenger about erotic hypnosis phone sex and how he had a very difficult time going under. Which really is a common problem I hear of more and more. Some believe they are just not hypnotizable which really isnt true. There are many factors during the call that contribute to them not going under.

What makes someone have a hard time going under during an erotic hypnosis phone sex call:

1. Just not comfortable with the person doing the hypnosis. Sure that has you laughing going, Well I was comfortable! You might of felt comfortable but your subconscious the part that needs to let go for an erotic hypnosis phone sex call isnt comfortable and is fighting the trance. Getting to know the girl your interested in doing a hypno session with will help with that comfort level.

2. The voice of the girl. Finding a phone sex girl with a relaxing voice is key. What is relaxing to one wont be relaxing to another. So trying a variety of girls is key.

3. The hypnotic trance. Everyone, being hypno girls, have their own trance they use to put someone under and not every trance is suited for everyone. This is another trying different girls to find a trance that works for you to help with that issue.

4. The girl’s experience. Many girls out there have no experience or very little and attempt to do hypnosis. Asking her questions about hypnosis will generally give you a feel of whether or not she will be able to get you under.

5. Rushing the trance. Hypno girls have a set time they like for a hypnosis phone sex call and asking them to do it in less time can/will result less than perfect usually a lighter trance than expected. Usually the appropriate time for a hypno call is between 30-60 minutes. So if you dont have the full time to devote to an erotic hypnosis session then choose a different topic for your call.

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Those are the ones that instantly come to my mind when I talk to someone who is having a hard time falling under. I highly recommend booking a 10 minute call or so before an actually erotic hypnosis phone sex session so that you can get to know my voice, my style and just become comfortable with me. We can talk about anything really my particular hypno style or even what your looking to do while under.

Mesmerize you soon,

~Maya Jane~

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