Erotic Hypnosis Sensual Stories

Yes I love erotic hypnosis phone sex calls!

I know I dont have to say that but some times I feel like I want to scream it you know. Well anyone who reads my site knows that I love other calls too but if you give me a chance to whip my little erotic hypnosis spin on your fetish and poof we have increased the intensity of that call by like thousands.

There is something about letting your mind go. And not just in the sense of laying back in bed and listening to what I say but to actually sense the words I say. To be so deep into the hypnosis trance that your living out the story that I am creating for you with my words. That is when it gets interesting.

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Its the erotic story that weaves in amongst the trance. The way I use words to enhance that vision that is playing against the back of your darkening eye lids. Sure I know some of you are not into an erotic story or role play you would much rather fall under and have those magical little triggers embedded and played with. Those are just as fun too.

Some times its nice to just let the world disappear and get lost in an erotic hypnosis story. Where your the main character in your erotic vision.

I know what started this sensual vision blog?

Blame my man we were talking last night over dinner and he was asking about what I loved about erotic hypnosis phone sex. Cause any time he asks me about my night I am always so ecstatic about it and in talking I realized that I do love to tease and deny dont get me wrong one of my favorite things. That when he had asked me I had a great night of doing some erotic hypnosis role plays just guiding someone through their sensual visions. It had been a bit since I had done that and it was a great twist from where I normally go. So after an interesting conversation about it I thought what the hey blog about it. Besides its my blog and well I can write what I want. Ha!

Also just a shout out to those on the east coast dealing with wicked snow storm hope everyone is staying warm and safe.

~Maya Jane~

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