Financial Domme Princess

Well survived the end of the world!  Ok ya I didnt actually expect the world to end but there was that rush of what would you do with your last few days. I know quite a few of you spent your last few days with me on the phone craving for your Financial Domme  Princess to reach into your wallet and let those fingers flip through that nice fat wallet.

financial domme princess

Number of guys were saying they had pulled out extra money from their savings. Just so we, welll Me could have extra fun with that wallet. Nothing more disappointing then being in the middle of that financial domination phone sex call where that cock is throbbing so hard from being teased with where my fingers are. Your aching and aching for me to take more and well… There is no more to take. That wallet was just not padded enough for our wallet draining session.

I will admit that I am not that girl who is going to make you drain your bank accounts. Never been that girl to force you to sign over everything you have. But I do love it when your wallet is full and we work our way through it. Making you click on gift cards on Amazon or be it gifts. Course the gift cards make it more exciting for me. There is that rush of you sending them.

I am a teasing Finanicial Domme Princess, so that means I am not looking for you to drain your whole wallet at once. Though if that is what brings you pleasure by all means we can play that way. However, what is exciting for Me and well those wallets I drain is to do it slowly. To build it up with a $25 here and a $50 there. Ya the amounts seem small but really when your being edged on that orgasm those amounts will have you begging for me to reach into that wallet and take bigger amounts for soon your cock wont be able to handle the small amounts. It will want the $100’s and well then who knows where the amounts will go from there. I am a girl of surprises and well I could toss out any amount at any time.

Ready to have your wallet teased?

~ Financial Domme Princess Maya ~

Reach me at 1-888-433-9492
Aim/Yim mayamesmerizes
Twitter: mesmerizingmaya
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Calls sold in blocks of time:
$25 for 10mins, $45 for 20, $60 for 30, and $100 for 60mins

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