Humiliating Hypnotic Triggers

Hello Freaks!

I suppose if one wants a hypnosis phone sex princess to go easy on them and not make them do humiliating things then they would not call me. For I like to be entertained when I put a phone sex submissive under.

Come on like you wouldn’t if you had the chance?

Well the hypno pet that ended up calling told me about his live of submission and how he had been reading up on erotic hypnosis and thought it would make for an interesting twist to his submissive training. He was so right!

With the use of hypnotic triggers I am able to take complete control of a submissive and mold them into being the perfect phone sex slave. Ya he was skeptical. Hard not to be really when a hot phone princess is saying she can take complete control of your waking actions with the use of one little word.

I had a lot of fun proving just that though. For I had him dry humping the corner of the couch when ever I wanted. Probably the only thing that would of made it better was to get him on cam and watch him. Well that an to plant more humiliating hypnotic triggers.

Next time!


Reach me at 1-888-433-9492
Aim/Yim mayamesmerizes

Calls sold in blocks of time:
$25 for 10mins, $45 for 20, $60 for 30, and $100 for 60mins

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