Hypnotic Charms

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So pretty much at a young age I knew I had that something. Granted I didn’t know what IT was but guys were naturally drawn to me. When I talked they would be just captivated. It wasn’t till I reached my teens that I realized fully what IT was that those men were drawn to me for my hypnotic ability.

Pretty much I think some are just born with it. No matter how much people want to learn it there are just some woman out there who have a natural ability to start talking and lull men into that deep hypnotic state. That was me.

Older men at the malls would have a hard time resisting me. I would always come home not spending a single bit of my allowance on manis pedis or even clothing. Truth be told I even used my hypnotic charms on my dad for more so called allowance without increasing my chores.

Lucky for you this phone sex princess has discovered the world of phone sex and well combining that with hypnosis and well I have been having a world of fun.

Come find out just how hypnotically charming and addicting I can be.


Reach me at 1-888-433-9492
Aim/Yim mayamesmerizes

Calls sold in blocks of time:
$25 for 10mins, $45 for 20, $60 for 30, and $100 for 60mins

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