Hypnotic Phone Princess Update

Its your favorite Hypnotic Phone Princess Maya!

I know my blog hasnt been getting the attention it deserves over the last week and half but I have been an upset Princess the last week. So I didnt feel much like sitting down and writing cause well I couldnt get in that space. My little Diva Dog had to be put to sleep last week and she was one to always curl up by my feet when I blogged so you can see how it was just rough the last little bit to sit at my desk and do anything computer related. The last few weeks have been a struggle really for I had the internal battle going as to whether or no to put her down. So finally after a week of back and forth I went in and did what needed to be done.

Feeling much better over all. Though the house is so quiet and no one to clean up when I spill food on the floor! HaHa

To Bob the one who was so sweet and bought me all those biscuits off my wish list that was ever so thoughtful and I wish she got to enjoy those treats but they showed up a few days afterwards. So I paid it forward and took the treats to the SPCA, so that those dogs could enjoy a little pampering. 🙂

I have been doing hypnosis phone sex calls they really helped me over the last bit so for those that called me thank you.

Thats pretty much it for now. Just wanted to toss out a little Princess update at you. Now I am going to go lay down. All messed up on some migraine meds and my bed is calling. Which reminds me hopefully this all makes sense. I have no clue why I am even attempting to blog when my eyes are so not focusing properly. LOL!

Catch me on later tonight!

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