Lights Blowing and Winter Storms

I really shouldnt be allowed near lights the last 2 days I swear any time I go to switch on a light it burns out in a flicker of glory. First it was my desk light and then the light over my kitchen sink. I am afraid to ask what next. Scratch that you didnt hear it from me.

Yesterday I ran into grab a light bulb for my desk light and course they didnt have one. Its a halogen thing and they had every size but the one I needed. So I just grabbed a it will do desk light. Oh My Gawd big mistake that thing was a fire hazard in the making. That thing went back in the box quicker than quick.

Course I didnt have any time to run back to the store and then go find a light bulb for my favorite desk lamp. So I message my dad who will do anything for Me. He was more than happy to get that done for his Princes.

So I when I woke up he was quick to come over and grab the lamp to return and find out what bulb needed replacing.

What I didnt expect when Dad came back what a bit of a mini lecture on the proper way to change a halogen light bulb cause apparently those things arent suppose to burn out that quickly. Ya I didnt know that You werent suppose to touch them with your bare fingers and it would shorten their life. Oops!

The lecture was made a bit more bearable since I was brought a yummy Timmies Ice Cap. Lecture away Daddy-O. While I suck back this sweet caffeinated goodness.

Anyways I have LIGHT!!!!! *said in an ominous creepy scientist voice*

Plus between the caffeine and the wicked winter storm that hit I was up all night. That wind was howling around the house with the windows creaking. The dog managed to sleep through it all though.

Was rather funny the dog is snoring away tucked under her pile of pillows comfy and cozy, while I am doing some orgasm denial phone sex calls with the lights flickering. When the lights started to flicker I really did wonder if the call would end up in the ultimate denial of no more Princess Maya on the other end. But all was good! The power stayed on.

~ Maya~

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