Maya can spot a Panty Boy Anywhere!

I was standing in the grocery line up today, was a massive line up the place was super busy. Didn’t think when I went oooo super sale that I wasn’t the only one going awesome! So standing in a line up of about 7 people deep, I wasn’t complaining for I had some sexy eye candy in front of me. He was well dressed nice blue dress shirt and dark grey dress pants. Definitely admit that his ass looked good in those pants. His tailor had done a very good job. Well maybe a bit too good for while I was “flipping through my basket” which really means I was checking out his ass so no one would be non the wiser he bent over to grab a pack of gum and that is when it happen.

Yup full on panty lines.

panty boy phone sex

Mr Dreamy was really Mr Panty Boy. You guys can tell me that you can hide your panty wearing under your slacks but trust me I know the mark of a panty when I see them. I couldn’t help but giggle. He stood up pretty quick. And turned around to see me looking at him with a little knowing smile. Instant blush over his face.

That blush did make me wonder if when he was at home if he put on more than just panties? Like maybe he had a closet full of woman’s clothes and slips into them when he gets home. Hmm possible cross dresser.

Yes my mind was twirling around at the possibilities but I would definitely love to do a panty boy phone sex call with him. Thinking he would so be up for some public humiliation.

~ Maya Jane ~

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