NYE Resolutions Princess Style

Happy New Year 2013! This will be an awesome year.

Honestly how can it not be your here reading my blog and well you get to spend it with me. So right there amazing!

Did you make any resolutions?

I am not one to really make any resolutions, how can you prefect upon perfection. 🙂 Everyone around me is making resolutions they will not keep. I had thought of making a few that would be super easy to keep and well telling you guys well you will make sure they happen.

1. To Deny Orgasms Daily.

2. Wrap men minds around my oh so cute fingers.

3. To have my fingers in a few wallets and get my wish list items clicked away.

I dont think it will be that hard for you guys really. I know your all about pleasing your Phone Princess. Ensuring my resolutions for 2013 will be made weekly if not daily. Also making sure my New Years resolutions get made will make you happy to so really its a win win situation.

phone princess

As for what I did for New Years. I ended up not doing what I had fully expected. A few months ago a friend and I were to take off and do NYE on the beach but my friend up and got a boyfriend. I was so not going to be a third wheel so cancelled on those plans big time.

Yes I am single but that changes all the time. Just so happens this NYE, I was on my own in the way of no boyfriend but I have moved into my own place and the guys next door were throwing a house party so they invited me over. Was thinking it would be sort of an eh time but it was pretty fun. I mean I can make the best of any thing but the guys do know how to throw a party. Plus when all the guys there are striving to impress me. Well ya even better. I had guys wrapped around my finger as usual.

When the clock struck 12. Actually before midnight guys were tripping over their feet to get into prime location so that they would be able to be the first to kiss me. Must admit there was one guy there that was worth kissing. The rest I would be more than willing to give blue balls too. So as they were all jumping into the spot to kiss me I was eying up who I wanted to kiss. This guy is amazing tall, dark, sexy and a great kisser. That is all I am going to say on that.

I know teasing but hey its no worse that what I was doing to the guys before I headed out. Ya I was giving some blue balls to guys on the phone before I started my NYE partying. Come one you didnt think I would let 2012 go out without some teasing phone sex calls? Course not.

Bet your New Years wasnt as hot as mine!

~ Maya ~

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