Orgasm Denial Princess

So it will come as no surprise that I am a complete orgasm denial princess. Well maybe you didnt know and I just let the cat out of the bag. Oops!

Well if you were looking for a girl to just guide your stroking with some sweet masturbation techniques umm your in the wrong spot. Yes I will guide your masturbation but really if there is not teasing and not denying of that orgasm then lets face it I am completely bored.

There is just something about hearing you whimper as I deny you that orgasm that you were jerking that cock so hard for. It brings one huge smile to my face really. Yes my pearly whites will be showing and you will hear my excitement in my voice too for I will be just vamping up your stroking making you creep closer and closer to that edge.

orgasm denial princess

Don’t go oh my gawd Maya your so cruel. I am not! I am not a cruel orgasm denial princess, I am a fun one. For there is tons and I do mean tons of teasing for while I am edging you. You can’t tell me that teasing isnt fun. Well if you say no then you obviously have never done it with me and well need to grab that phone right now and book yourself an orgasm denial phone sex call RIGHT NOW! For you will know the minute you pick up the phone I bring not only my intellect but also my wicked sense of humor that will have you mind dancing in circles, as you have never been teased by a girl with such a complete understanding of what a man needs in his quest for orgasm denial.

I will leave you wondering how you have not found me sooner.

Let alone called me sooner.

Can’t wait to be your orgasm denial princess.

~ Maya~

Reach me at 1-888-433-9492
Aim/Yim mayamesmerizes
Twitter: mesmerizingmaya

Calls sold in blocks of time:
$25 for 10mins, $45 for 20, $60 for 30, and $100 for 60mins

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