About Princess

Some girls will do everything and that is great and that is wonderful! But really can a girl be everything and everything? Hell NO! Ya I can do far more on my list but really if you want to know what gets me going. What gets me excited, but most of all what I really excel at on the phone its the following:

Erotic Hypnosis ~ I love. LOVE taking control of a man’s mind and twisting his thoughts so all he can think of is my sweet voice. Trust me after 1 call you will be addicted to my voice and wanting more.

Tease and Denial ~ Also a ultimate favorite. I will tease you to the edge of exctasy and fucking slam the door on that orgasm quicker than quick. Why? Cause I can and well its fun for me. Orgasm denial. Cock Control.  Oh yes please!

Sensual Domination ~ This is like a super huge thing everyone has ways they take it and really its all about me being in charge. It should come as no surprise ummm I adore orgasm control so ya course I like being in control. No masters degree needed there. Call me Princess Maya and things will be all good in my world.

Mild Financial Domination ~ Ok before you go MILD say what? I am not the hard core domme who is going to be screaming at you and about to destroy you. I hate raising my voice. I am a Princess after all. But I do like to see those wallets open for the things I like. Princess deserves nice things and well you want me to have nice things dont you?

Sissy Boys ~ Ok this one is in here for my personal amusement cause well I think seeing a guy dressed up like a little sissy bitch is well hilarious. So this one is on the list for my entertainment. Jump on cam and show me your pretty little outfits and what a good bitch you can be for your Princess Maya.

1-888-433-9492 is the number to reach me!





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