Phone Princess and Holiday Fun

Your favorite Phone Princess is back into full swing after the holiday partying. Well sort of still have to survive New Year’s. My Christmas celebration was great tons of merry cheer! The weather sucked cause I didnt get to wear my cute leather knee high heel boots since we were in the middle of a blizzard and well I think its fashion above all but falling on my ass as I walk up a steep driveway isnt a great way to start the day. So had to wear my winter boots. Which are still adorable but not as sexy as my leather boots.

phone princess

The whole day was fun. How could it not a day of getting presents. I was totally spoiled. Some itune gift cards so I could get some new music for my ipod. Some stuff for my new place like some oh so great 1000 count egyptian cotton sheets. Some chocolate goodies to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Some charms for my Pandora bracelet. The list goes on and on really. All in all this Phone Princess had that wrapping paper just flying.

Course then there was the dinner feast. I am not your typical Phone Princess who is all “Oh i only eat salads.” I like to eat. So I was looking forward to my Mom’s Christmas spread, I had my plate ready for the oh so good ham and fixings. I know your going ham? Usually its a turkey but Mom was seemed to be in the mood to do a ham and really none of us were complaining one bit. Anything she cooks if awesome.

I was so full and well just exhausted having taking phone sex calls the night before then going and doing the family thing all day that all I wanted to do was dive into a hot bath and curl up in bed. Might of been thanks to the sugar high thanks to the baking 🙂 Thankfully Christmas only comes around once a year. The presents part can come around everyday actually.


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