Phone Princess Back Again!

So the last few days your Phone Princess have been dealing with the flu. Like most everyone out there it seems. Anyone I talked to personally or naughtily were fighting the bug like mad. Well just my luck that stupid cold bug hit me and hit hard. So I was laying up on the couch with my favorite Diva Dog, who was just happy to snuggle. My guy took me to the doctor and found out I had to go on not 1 but 2 antibiotics. Yippee!

phone princess

I am half way through them and feeling better. I have opted to log in and take some calls so fingers crossed. Cause I am so bored of hanging out on the couch watching tv. Though its great to catch up on all the stuff I dvr since I was away but really I can only lay down for so long before I am screaming for something to do. As you probably guessed from my twitter. Ha! I was doing some random tweets and pretty sure some of them were coherent and well some not so much.

My guy came over and cooked me some chicken soup and just all around try to entertain me but you know what I really miss talking on the phone. Don’t get me wrong my guy is great and all but you cant help wanting to hypnotize a man to do what ever. Course those few amazon gift cards in my email account did help me feel better too. *smile* How could it not really.

Now this Phone Princess is off to dive into some more of that yummy Chicken noodle soup and watch The Following.

~Maya Jane~

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