Phone Princess Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Now I should be tucked away under my big fluffy duvet sleeping but I am just way too excited. Excited about what goodies this Phone Princess will get. Well I have to say the presents have been coming in from those out in phone sex land and even in web land. So thank you that is making my V-Day even more special.

Course I am looking forward to what my guy does for me. Think he was mumbling something about cooking. So that could involve some BBQ’ing which with him it will probably be a steak. What is it with men and their steaks?

I am not much of a red meat eater. I can go months with not eating it but will indulge in the occasional burger when that need for grease hits. I am more a chicken and fish girl. I know most would be snoozing that that thought but hey it makes me happy.

Not sure what your phone princess night will involve since it is Thursday and my guy does work early. So it might be an early Valentines Day fun then back on the phones later in the evening. Or I could be completely exhausted and sleeping the night away. Who knows. Just have to keep watch on my twitter. Since I am usually spending too much time on there chatting with other phone girls and well men out in web land.

So have a great Valentine’s Day!

~ Maya Jane~

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