Phone Princess Weekend Surprise

How to make me one happy phone princess? Simple surprises of course, silly!

I got a massive surprise tonight from the guy I have been seeing. The one from New Years Eve. Ya he called me up and was all what you doing this weekend. To be honest didnt really have any serious plans other than working over a few cocks with some hypnotic orgasm edging phone sex calls. Which as fun as that is and I could do it all day long so dont take this the wrong way but when My guys was all you want to go away with me? Course I am going to say Hell yes!

I have honestly no clue where I am going either. Its a surprise trip. So this phone princess suitcase is jammed back with everything possible. If he told me where I was going I could pack appropriately. Not knowing has me backing everything under the sun.

I know your all going to be wondering what happens on my weekend. Some of you are probably wondering what I do with my new Man. Do I save the orgasm denials just for the phone or am a phone princess who will care that edging off the phone too. Well you know what you just gonna have to wait till I return. Yes Tease! Cause I have more preparing to do and the morning is going to come way to quick for this nite owl.

~Maya Jane~

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