Random Princess Update

Happy Belated Spring and well Easter!

If you are a follower of my twitter this wont come as any surprise but I have been battling laryngitis for the last week. I swear in Princess land I just can not get a break in the last few weeks. So on with April and what I hope will be a massive turn around.

I am taking calls tonight. 1 I am bored as heck and well my dvr is super happy that I have been knocking down all those shows I recorded and well just never got too, I am well cant sit and watch any more tv. 2. I am missing the phone. Seriously, I need a mind to fuck with like ASAP!  I dont care how bad that sounds right now its the truth.

Am rather curious since I didnt get up to much over the Easter Weekend. Did you guys get in some April Fools pranks? I rather suck at them but so love hearing what other people do. So hit me up and share.

Ok so quick post as I am off to putter around the house. Well more like decided what to make for dinner. It involves chicken that much I know 🙂

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