Sissy Boy Fashion Show

Hi Freaks

Its a long weekend up here in Canada and true to form its crappy weather wise. The hopes of hitting the beach are well long gone as I keep watching the grey rain clouds roll in. So ya your seeing my sexy ass logged in for fetish calls.

Well the good thing.. I guess about the crappy weather is everyone is hitting the stores to buy clothes for the warmer weather (when ever that shows up!) even the sissy boys. I swear as I was doing a quick walk through the mall to buy a few necessitates I saw a sissy boy. Or least he was one of those newbie sissies cause he was wandering around doing the whole I am buying this for my girlfriend.

Yes you guys all have the same look when your attempting to pretend not to buy for yourself. And definitely all use the same excuse. This guy had a definite sissified walk like swaying those hips.

Got me thinking I bet he walks really well in heels!

But he was handing out in the make up department of the drug store. Sniffing girlie perfume bottles and swooning in every floraly fragrant huff. A quick glance at his basket confirmed he was a frufru boy.

sissy boy phone sex

Like what guy has lipgloss and mascara in their basket willingly?

NONE that is who.

I would never trust my boyfriend to buy my make up. Even with a detailed like a true guy never cares about make up and once faced with the wall of mascara its pure head swirling insanity. So its a feminine boy that is looking to get all girlified that will have make up in their basket.

I fully admit that when I see a guy like that in a store I want to follow them around. Well actually I would love to do more than follow them around I would enjoy doing some sissy shopping with them. I think it would be a blast to go clothes shopping and force them into a change room while I pick out girlie clothes for them to try on. Oh and I would expect them to put on a sissy model show too.

Well unfortunately I didnt have the time to follow him around so I will just have to settle for some phone sex fun with a sissy boy. Maybe one would like to get on cam for me and model their clothes and give me a little fashion show. That would be great!

~ Maya~

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