Sleep Masturbation with a Hypnotic Twist

One very breathless guy was on the phone last night. Seems he had been already stroking his cock well before he got to me. He had woke up from a sexy dream and his hand was already down there masturbating him in his sleep. I couldnt help but giggle. Men always say they do sleep masturbation but I rarely believe them. I got to say this guy I totally believed.

Could of been the deep breathing or the fact he was just out of it. Which made putting him under oh so much fun. I mean that. He was so much fun to put under. He was already in this dreamy state that when I wove my hypnotic trance in his mind… POOF he was out and under my control.

sleep masturbation phone sex

This time I was the one in control of his sleep masturbation.

No more mindless stroking.

I was controlling each stroke with a series of triggers planted deep in his subconscious. Now I couldnt be cruel and leave him under a sleepy hypnotic state to masturbate, that just wouldnt be fun. No I had to wake him up so he could be some what aware of what was going on.

See this is the thing about a hypnotic sleep masturbation session some times when I bring someone out they are not really alert enough to know what is going on around them. They can talk to me and carry on a conversation but they just are so relaxed they dont even know I am saying triggers and having them do things, such as masturbate. While other guys are hyper aware of what is going and and super conscious of what their body is doing and how they are not doing those actions. Or well they are not telling their mind do move their hand per say. I like putting both guys under. The reaction from both is amusing.

My sleep masturbation guy was one who was not aware of his surroundings he was talking to me and enjoying our sexy little convo but he didnt even know his hand was jerking his cock. Which only makes pointing it out more fun. So there I was getting him to jerk off hypnotically and he was moaning with each controlling command. After every 5 or 6 strokes I would ask him how he felt. His response was one of OMG so aroused, said in this dreamy horned up state.

So after a good 15 or so strokes when you know his cock is just glistening with precum. It has to be oozing down the shaft by then. I just say look at your cock. The whole time saying those commands. Well there is was his HOLY SHIT what the hell moment. He was stunned a bit freaked out but most of all turned on. For he had no idea he had been masturbating the whole time.

Now the only down fall to pointing out his sleep masturbation is that his is now aware of how full his balls are and how badly he wants to cum. Also aware of me controlling his strokes and so begins the begging for more strokes and well the orgasm. I wont say that its a bad thing, I do like to hear men beg 😉 Maybe a bit too much which is why I am a total teasing phone sex princess.

Any ways hopefully tonight will be more of the same working a guy up in a sleepy hypnotic masturbation state. Little orgasm control anyone?

~Maya Jane~

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