Small Penis Humiliation Hypnosis

small penis humiliation hypnosis

As you probably already know, I do so love my erotic hypnosis sessions with my callers. There are so many different things you can do with hypno, after all. The only limits are the ones of your mind, basically.

It would take all day for me to tell you all the different things I can do with hypnosis, so let’s just focus on one particular thing in this post. Where are all my humiliation lovers tonight? You’re the ones I really want to talk to about hypno right now.

Ok, so we all know that small penis humiliation is probably the most common thing that humiliation sluts get off on, right? Well, what if I told you that I could make your SPH sessions with me even wilder and more crazy than they already are? You’d be all over that, wouldn’t you? LOL!

But, seriously, it’s the truth. If you think SPH with me is intense now, just wait until I put you under and start implanting suggestions in your mind. You’ll feel your already-tiny cock shrinking with each word I say. It’ll get smaller and smaller until we can barely see it at all. And if you think that doesn’t make for an insane SPH session, then you’ve obviously never tried it before. 😉

Wanna give it a try? Of course you do! So give me a call, and let’s get started!


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