Stocking and Heel Obsessed?

Yesterday morning got to have a little bit of fun with Ira before I ventured off to bed. He had messaged me a few weeks ago (I think now?) about what really got him going which was sexy women in stockings and heels. That was his obsession really he often found himself feeling that head turn any time a woman walked by in nylons and with killer heels on. Mind you he would quickly advert his glace so not to get caught.

stocking fetish phone sex

Little tip Ira, most women know your looking no matter how fast you turn your head we always catch you.

So the idea for a little hypnotic fantasy Ira had was to come to me as his hypno therapist who was going to help him over come his little obsession. Sure I can do that *wink* but what happens when you under my spell well that is a different story.  Oh come on like you don’t expect this Teasing Princess to have a bit of fun with his stocking obsession. If you didn’t think so then you obviously dont know me well. I may of twisted it so that he was even more obsessed with stockings and heels more than when he went under as he laid on my white leather couch. Ya I will feel bad about it later. For now it was all about the fun I was going to have with Ira and working those triggers I put in his mind.

Bringing him out from that hypnotic daze his eyes fluttering up and down and course what does he lay his eyes upon? Me! Sitting there in my white leather and chrome office chair. My black stocking clad legs crossed and just bouncing my leg up and down so that he just had to look down and my black patent leather pump with the 4 inch heel. I know that just makes me cruel, doesnt it?

Instant erection. No hiding it while he laid there on that couch. The more I rubbed my legs up and down against each other. Ya he was having issues.

Do you think you could fair better than Ira?

Well all you have to do is call and find out.

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