Breast Growing Hypnosis

Hello Freaks!

How does a sissy boy get this phone sex princess giggling?

Well telling me he wants to do afeminization transformation phone sex call but not a full transformation he only wants tits. He had just bought a pretty bra off Victoria Secret and was really upset that he got the wrong cup size and rather than send it back wanted to do a breast growing hypnosis call.

breast growing hypnosis

So ya I giggled at the thought of this sissy boy squealing in delight over the delivery of his VS box only to find out his new bra didnt fit right. Not quite a normal conversation but alas in the life of a fetish phone sex princess such is the case.

So yes I let the girlie boy go under and grow some breasts. Big tits too. The bra was DD!

Should of heard him when he woke up to rub that bra giggling and moaning. Think he liked his breast transformation.

How about you ever thought of transforming your body? Maybe a little breast growing hypnosis is where you need to start that wonderful transformation.


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Calls sold in blocks of time:
$25 for 10mins, $45 for 20, $60 for 30, and $100 for 60mins