Teaching Sissy Boy’s the Right Attitude

Hi, guys!

Ok, so it may be shallow of me to say, but one of the reasons I love spring and summer so much is all the sexy, revealing clothes everywhere. I love to wear them, and I love seeing them on others. Yes, guys, ladies check out other girls sometimes, too.

sissy phone sex

But an even bigger secret of mine is that I like to dress you boys up in some of these sexy and revealing outfits. What kind of feminization Princess would I be if I couldn’t turn men into total sluts with a visit to the mall?

What truly makes a sissy boy, though, is not his clothes or his hair or his makeup or anything like that. It’s his ATTITUDE. Some people will tell you that attitude can’t be taught, but that’s because they’ve never met me before. I can train my sissies to behave however I want them to. It just so happens that most of the time, the way I want them to act is like total cock teasing sluts!

I’m not going to teach you sissy boys all my prick teasing techniques. A girl’s gotta have her secrets, after all. But I *will* teach you enough that your milkshake will bring all the boys to the yard. That’s what you want, right? Your choice of big, hard cocks to play with and suck on? Well, follow all my instructions like a good little slut, and that is exactly what you shall have!

So call me now for some sissy phone sex, and let’s get to work teaching you how to be a prick teasing Princess! You’ll never reach the level that I’ve reached, but that’s ok. You’ll be able to hold your own around anyone else. 😉

Maya Jane

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