Valentines Dinner and more

So my schedule is a bit all over the place the last few weeks. Was spending my evenings with my guy and well coming on for those teasing hypnosis phone sex calls after he had ventured off home to bed. It was nice to do the eat dinner and snuggle while watching dinner thing with him. Definitely didnt want to interupt my time with him and I am sure you would agree.

Even my blog sort of ended up lacking. Bad Phone Princess haha! About the only time you will hear me say that. Need to update you on my Valentines Day. He bought me the cutest little stuff dog and made me dinner which surprised me was beyond steak and salad. Which is his usual cooking ability. He made me the most yummiest lasagna ever. Its been 2 weeks and I am like hmm how can I get him to make another one. I swear I was eat it for a few days but OMG dies in oooey goooey cheese goodness. Yes I can be won over through my stomach. Well that and good tongue skills and this Phone Princess is happy! Happy! Happy!

What else can I say. The weather is trying to change around the bright yellow thing in the sky is trying to shine through the clouds so I am heading out for more fresh air. Spring is almost here. When its rainy and icky and windy, I am one who doesnt want to head out for a run or walk but that sun shines through I am grabbing my shoes. Come to think about it I am sitting here and my eyes are darting from the screen to the window. Who am I kidding all those years of keyboarding are paying off I am staring out the window and letting my fingers fly across the keyboard and thinking you need to go out and get some fresh air so the minute I finish this I am putting my exercise clothes on.

So that means I will be on a bit later probably close to dinner time then can have some fun with those orgasm denial hypnosis sessions.

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