Week of Sexy Fun

So my weekend away with my New Man turned into well a week. What can I say the weekend was so awesome I didnt want to come home afterwards. And I didnt obviously since you havent been able to find me for phone sex calls. I would apologize but I am not sorry one bit. I was having a blast.

I know you want to know what we ended up doing. It was a little bit of everything really we had took off to the big city of Vancouver and hung out there for the weekend. Wandering around downtown during the day and then in the evening we would meet up with a few of his friends for dinner. The nights were all ours though working on not making too much noise so that the neighbours wouldnt be calling the front desk.

Then it came Monday and he was going to bring me home so he could head off to around Seattle to do some things but being the hot phone temptress I am it wasnt hard to get an invite down south. So off to Seattle for close to a week. Way too much fun there. I cant remember the last time I was down there really and to be with such a hot guy. Ya I might not of caught a lot of the sights of Seattle but I did catch the ones that matter.

Now I am home. I am excited about being home cause I need to recoup. Ha! Not to mention I know you have been missing me like crazy. So I am back from my extended weekend off. Come to think about it my little trip would make a cuckold’s head spin with excitement. Hmmm does get me thinking about some cuckold hypnosis.

Who is with me?

~Maya Jane~

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