Weeks of Teasing Ends

Ok time to settle in and actually blog about my weekend off oh like a weekend ago. I dont know I am finding it so hard to get back into the swing of blogging after that amazing few days off. My guy is working on the mainland for the next 6 months or something like that. Yes that makes for one very sad Hypno Princess. After him being gone for a month, I was finally able to sneak over to see him.

Happy Princess!!!

teasing phone sex

The weather was amazing. The ferry ride was a bit rocky, so I didn’t head out on deck. He met me at the ferry with a dozen pink roses. My absolute favorite well the colour they were this deep pink so I was like yes let the spoiling begin.

I would say that we made the most of the nice weather but not so much. After a month of teasing phone sex hahah can you believe it! Nothing like having the shoe on the other foot. I was like attack mode. All those dirty things we were whispering into each others ears it was like bring it on baby! Ok that is a total over share but you know what I am in that type of mood. Probably cause I am just super happy he will be coming to town this weekend. So I am warning you that I wont be around at all this coming weekend. Make the most of this week with me!

I am around for some phone sex calls tonight might just not be around the computer much tonight since I am getting my place ready for some fun.

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